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College Football Rankings: BCS Computer Has Florida No. 1

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Though it's early in the season, one of the computer rankings used in the BCS formula has a surprise team ranked No. 1 -- the Florida Gators. The latest USA Today Sagarin Rankings have been released, and the ELO CHESS ranking, used in the official BCS rankings, has Will Muschamp's Gators as the top team in the land. Florida, 4-0 on the year and 3-0 in the SEC, is coming off a 38-0 thrashing of Kentucky on Saturday, their 26th consecutive win over the Wildcats.

Fellow SEC member Alabama is ranked No. 2 in the ELO CHESS hierarchy, with another surprise at No. 3 -- the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Stanford and Oregon round out the top five, followed by LSU, Kansas State, Georgia, Florida State and South Carolina.

Official BCS rankings will not be released until October.

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