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2012 College Football Rankings: Alabama, TCU Top Sagarin Ratings

The year's first post-action college football rankings come out Tuesday, with the Associated Press Top 25 expected around noon ET. Official BCS standings won't start coming out until October.

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Jeff Sagarin's computer ratings for the opening week of the 2012 college football season are now out at USA Today. The top 30 teams in Sagarin's ELO-CHESS system, which is a component of the BCS standings, are listed below, with Alabama topping TCU, LSU, Oregon and Boise State in the top five.

The BCS-approved version of Sagarin's ratings discounts margin of victory, leading to some weirdness. Still, there are some highly questionable allotments that have nothing to do with points scored. Boise State lost to a team it's still ranked ahead of, for one thing, but I don't really know what to tell you here. Also, TCU has yet to play a game this year.

The top 30 teams from Jeff Sagarin's ELO-CHESS ratings after Week 1:

1 Alabama



4 Oregon

5 Boise State

6 Oklahoma

7 Stanford


9 Texas A&M

10 Wisconsin

11 South Carolina

12 Michigan State

13 Virginia Tech

14 Arkansas

15 Florida

16 Texas

17 Nebraska

18 Michigan

19 Ohio State

20 Auburn

21 Oklahoma State

22 Cincinnati

23 Notre Dame

24 Clemson

25 West Virginia

26 Georgia

27 Iowa

28 Florida State

29 Missouri

30 Miami

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