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Texas A&M Billboard Invasion Reaches Florida

Having already claimed Austin, home of the Texas Longhorns, for the SEC, one or another individuals associated (in some non-official way) with Texas A&M has now turned the billboard crosshairs to the lair of the Florida Gators, their first-ever in-conference SEC opponent. Via Gator Zone's Harry Fodder, some fodder indeed for this weekend's game:


That's, "You've been annexed by Aggie Nation. The best academics and cleanest program in the SEC. Whoop! Real football. Real tradition," in case you can't make it out.

Every claim in there is quite debatable at best, but what is not up for debate: Texas A&M is so very much home in this conference. Every time the Aggies act up, their former conference mates start doing that, "The Aggies are your problem now!" thing. Nothing I'm seeing here looks out of line in any way with standard behavior in the Southeastern Conference. May your billboards fly forever, Aggies, no matter how many semi-truths they contain.

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