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Down Goes The Trumpeter

Cincinnati got off to a great start on Thursday night, stopping Pitt and turning around and scoring on its first offensive play from scrimmage on a 58-yard George Winn touchdown run. The band, however, wasn't so lucky. You see, the Bearcats band runs down the steps and onto the field before the game in a rather cool entrance. It's cool, of course, until something goes wrong and a trumpet player bites it while falling down the last few steps, faceplanting onto the field.

Let's all watch as the Cincinnati trumpeter doesn't quite stick the dismount.


He picked up most of the pieces and gathered himself, joining the rest of the band in formation. Except he was missing one important part of his trumpet, the mouthpiece. So there he was, putting on a brave face.


I'm just going to assume a sad trombone played in the background.


I admire the persistence here, but dang if that isn't rather embarrassing.