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Utah Vs. Utah State: Utes Fans A Little Too Confident?

Back in June, Utah fans at Block U polled themselves on the outcome of Friday night's road game against Utah State, with the Aggies taking only 8 percent of the ballots. In fact, more refused to even entertain the notion than were willing to pick USU:

Who'll win the Utah-Utah State game on September 9th?

81% Utah

8% Utah State

1% I don't know.

10% I refuse to answer this preposterous question.

This calls for a re-vote after having seen both teams in action:

96% Utah wins

4% Utah State wins

So! We can conclude that Utah fans liked what they saw in a 41-0 walk against Northern Colorado and weren't too dazzled by USU's 34-3 showing against Southern Utah, which included quarterback Chuckie Keeton putting together a 22-for-26, 326-yard, two-touchdown effort. We have concluded very much! Utah is a road favorite, by a touchdown.

The Utes have only lost to Utah State twice since the two programs began re-distinguishing themselves in the late '80s, with both setbacks coming by single scores. In the last 31 meetings, the Utes have lost by more than a touchdown only once.

Count out a team that last year had near-wins against Auburn, BYU, Louisiana Tech and Ohio if you like, but this one could be closer than Utes fans are assuming. The good news for fans of order: Joe Tessitore is no longer a Friday night man.

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