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Clemson Scores 45 Points In First Half Against Ball State

Clemson fans have been waiting more than 30 years now for everything to line up the way that things did in the team's 1981 National Championship season. Despite the inexhaustible supply of Clemsoning moments in those three decades, this year marks one of the best shots the Tigers have had in ages to jump into the national title conversation.

And even with Sammy Watkins still suspended, Clemson has impressed offensively. Just ask Ball State, which gave up 45 points in the first half to the Tigers.

That includes 32 points in the second quarter.

The slimmer Tajh Boyd is making more plays with his legs, which is forcing the defense to respect that -- opening up running lanes in the first level for Andre Ellington and keeping defensive backs from being able to drop back into zones. Watkins, Clemson's best weapon, returns next week.

As for Ball State, hey, at least they still have David Letterman and Janet from Three's Company.

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