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2012 UL Monroe Vs. Arkansas Highlights: Kolton Browning Scores Upset

Kolton Browning was responsible for the two big plays that spurred Louisiana-Monroe's huge upset of Arkansas.

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The University of Louisiana Monroe pulled off a monumental upset yesterday when they upset Arkansas 34-31. The Warhawks came back from three touchdowns in the fourth quarter to tie the game in the final seconds, then won the game in overtime.

Kolton Browning made two crucial plays, both in 4th down situations. On 4th and 10, the Warhawks quarterback stepped up in the pocket and delivered a strike to wide receiver Brent Leonard. Leonard ran an excellent post-corner-post route where he feinted to the inside, turned to the outside before making the last move back inside to get inside the safety and receive the throw safely from Browning. A Monroe interception before the end of regulation preserved overtime.

Then after Arkansas kicked a field goal after the desperation pass in the back of the end zone fell incomplete, it was Monroe's chance to go for it all. On 4th and 1, they did just that. Browning scrambled around for a few seconds before realizing he had a huge hole to run not only for a first down, but for the win.

Additionally, Brian Floyd also compiled a series of GIFs on the upset. They are excellent. Check them out.

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