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College Football Rankings, Week 3: BCS Computer Top 25 Likes Alabama, LSU

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While official BCS standings won't come out until October, we still can see bits and pieces of it and those responsible for its components make their results public. One of the first, as usual, is Jeff Sagarin's at USA Today. The others will be out throughout the day, with the BCS' Coaches Poll also coming out soon.

As always, prepare your eyes for what's below. This is the ELO-CHESS formula, which discards margin of victory as a factor, according to BCS rules. Sagarin's true ranking formula is much less bizarre. However, what you're looking at is a portion of what would make up the formal BCS rankings if they were to come out this week.

The top two looks fine, but it all gets quite bizarre after that. South Carolina, the team that needed a bad call to beat Vanderbilt, at No. 3? It's not really worth picking apart, as it's a system the BCS has intentionally neutered, but it's important enough to pay attention to.

The Sagarin ELO-CHESS Top 25 for Week 3:

1 Alabama


3 South Carolina


5 South Florida

6 Florida

7 Iowa State

8 Michigan State

9 Kansas State

10 Oregon

11 Stanford

12 Arizona State

13 USC

14 Tennessee

15 Arizona

16 Notre Dame

17 Boise State

18 Oregon State

19 Georgia

20 Ohio State

21 Nebraska

22 BYU

23 Oklahoma

24 Clemson

25 Northwestern

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