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Who Remembers | NFL Memories

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How Bernie Kosar used the supplemental draft to outsmart the entire NFL

The original ‘NFL Primetime’ can never be topped

Mike Brown cemented himself in Bears history when he won back-to-back OT games

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Barry Sanders was the king of rushes... both positive and negative

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Tom Brady is a master of the surprise punt

Dennis Miller’s best ‘MNF’ moment — by far — was when he called a ref Alfred Hitchcock

Once upon a time, Andy Reid let the Cowboys score a touchdown in 3 seconds

Doug Baldwin’s Super Bowl celebration was the shit

Marion Barber’s best run went for only 2 yards

J.J. Watt made fun of Andy Dalton’s nickname and created the most pointless beef

Dan Connolly lived the offensive lineman’s dream with his record-setting kick return

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Almost 20 years ago, a Seahawks win led to an NFL rule change

The Pro Bowl’s greatest tradition is its perpetually gross uniforms

I *wish* I could remember when 325-pound Larry Allen stopped a pick-six

The Patriots once let Doug Flutie drop kick an extra point for no good reason

How an undrafted Arian Foster set a Texans record in his second start