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Who Remembers | NFL Memories

The original ‘NFL Primetime’ can never be topped

Mike Brown cemented himself in Bears history when he won back-to-back OT games

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Barry Sanders was the king of rushes... both positive and negative

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Tom Brady is a master of the surprise punt

Dennis Miller’s best ‘MNF’ moment — by far — was when he called a ref Alfred Hitchcock

Once upon a time, Andy Reid let the Cowboys score a touchdown in 3 seconds

Doug Baldwin’s Super Bowl celebration was the shit

Marion Barber’s best run went for only 2 yards

J.J. Watt made fun of Andy Dalton’s nickname and created the most pointless beef

Dan Connolly lived the offensive lineman’s dream with his record-setting kick return

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Almost 20 years ago, a Seahawks win led to an NFL rule change

The Pro Bowl’s greatest tradition is its perpetually gross uniforms

I *wish* I could remember when 325-pound Larry Allen stopped a pick-six

The Patriots once let Doug Flutie drop kick an extra point for no good reason

How an undrafted Arian Foster set a Texans record in his second start

‘Madden’ should bring back Rushing Attack, the best thing it ever made