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Marquess Wilson suspended from Washington State, may have quit the team

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Reports out of Washington State are that Mike Leach has suspended the Cougars' star wide receiver, Marquess Wilson. Others are reporting that Wilson has quit the team. What does it all mean for his future in the NFL?


Wide receiver Marquess Wilson may have played his last game as a Washington State Cougar.

The supremely talented wideout left workouts on Sunday after refusing to participate in a drill. He was then suspended by Mike Leach today, and according to Jim Moore, Wilson has quit the team.

His quitting the team is not official or necessarily permanent at this point, but none of this bodes well for Wilson.

Long been considered a player of great talent but less than maximum effort, Wilson seemingly couldn't handle Mike Leach's intense coaching style. The record-setting wide receiver couldn't be bothered by a guy trying to get the most out of his immense ability.

If Wilson has quit the team permanently, or if his suspension is lengthy, this could be a huge black mark against him when it comes time for the NFL Draft. If he doesn't play another down for the Cougars, it appears likely that he could enter the 2013 NFL Draft.

His game already has holes. Wilson has ideal height and blazing speed, but he doesn't look like he's ever been inside a weight room. He often makes incredible plays due to his smooth athleticism and natural ball skills. But he also lacks concentration too often and drops way too many passes. Adding to his list of shortcomings, Wilson lacks physicality and often won't fight for contested balls and shows poor body language when things aren't going his way.

Oh, and now he reportedly walked out of a workout and may have quit his college team all together.

Sure, Wilson is talented, but he's far from a finished product and not a first round prospect. That's without his off-the-field issues. His upside would warrant a second round pick, but with the amount of baggage this kid is carrying, that's far from a guarantee at this point.

How Wilson responds in the next few days will go a long way in determining the type of football future he has. He's dangerously close to falling into a long list of players that completely wasted their vast potential.

Wilson won't enter the NFL with much momentum after these incidents, but plenty of players have overcome off the field shortcomings to make a decent career in pro football. A serious attitude adjustment will be required of Wilson if he hopes to find success.