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NFLPA Collegiate Bowl 2013 players to watch: Robbie Rouse among the most talented prospects


The NFLPA Collegiate Bowl is not a glamorous showcase of NFL talent, but don't discount some of the prospects that will be jockeying for position on the draft's third day come April.

There won't be perfect prospects running around the field on Saturday, but the game should be ripe with talent.

Take a look at our players to watch and be sure to take a look at our NFLPA Collegiate Bowl hub.

Robbie Rouse, running back, Fresno State

The 2013 NFL Draft doesn't have a ton of running back talent at the top, but the position is deep and talented. Robbie Rouse is one of the players in the later rounds that could make an impact in the NFL. He's undersized but is an explosive dual threat back. The biggest issue with Rouse will be whether or not he can hold up to the beating at the NFL level.

NFL fit: New York Jets

Jordan Rodgers, quarterback, Vanderbilt

Jordan Rodgers isn't quite the prospect his older brother Aaron was coming out of college. Still, Rodgers is an athletic and competitive player. He doesn't have the arm strength to be a high-level starter in the NFL, though. If he wants a chance to get drafted, his performance on Saturday will be crucial.

Marquise Goodwin, wide receiver, Texas

Marquise Goodwin is a bit raw, but there's no denying his physical skills. He can burn a defense over the top with his blazing speed. Goodwin's production doesn't match his skill set, but he has enough upside to warrant a late-round pick.

Bruce Taylor, linebacker, Virginia Tech

Bruce Taylor's talent is a bit limited. He's not the big-time athlete that other linebackers in this class are, but he's a hard-nosed player who always recognizes what the offense is trying to do. His competitiveness should be enough to get him drafted in the late-round.

NFL fit: New York Giants