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NFL Combine 2013: Denard Robinson still dealing with nerve injury

With the need to "catch everything" at the combine on his plate, Robinson will have to do so with a partially numb hand.


When former-Michigan Wolverines playmaker Denard Robinson works out at the 2013 NFL Combine, it's crucial that he shows a strong ability to catch the football after making a position switch. His abilities to make plays as a wide receiver will be under the microscope during the weekend, but according to Jane McManus of ESPN New York, he'll have to do so with a partially numb hand.

Robinson suffered a nerve injury against Illinois early in the 2012 season before re-aggravating the injury against Nebraska in October. After missing a game in early November, Robinson returned to the lineup on a limited basis, but per McManus's report, the injury never fully healed.

During his week at the Senior Bowl, Robinson disappointed many, as he struggled to fit in at his new wide receiver role. So much so, that Mike Mayock of NFL Network told reporters in a conference call on Wednesday that he needs to "catch everything" at the NFL Combine.

"What I don't know is how well he catches the football. What I'd like to see is him go into the combine and catch everything they throw in every drill. From the time he walks on the field, I want him to catch everything. From now through the draft, that's what I want to see: run routes and catch everything."

Obviously a partially numb hand makes catching the ball more difficult and the length of the healing process could help to explain some of his struggles at the position.m

The wide receivers at the 2013 NFL Combine are scheduled to work through positional drills on Sunday and it will be televised on NFL Network.