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2013 NFL Scouting Combine: Larry Warford open to position change in NFL

Warford said teams have spoken with him about playing center in the NFL.

Marvin Gentry-US PRESSWIRE

INDIANAPOLIS - Kentucky guard Larry Warford proved this season that he is one of the top guard prospects in the country.

Constantly battling with the top defensive linemen in the SEC for four years has prepared him to make the transition to the NFL. The only question is, what position will he play?

Warford said he is more comfortable on the right side of the line, but has no issues playing left guard, either. More surprising, Warford says teams have asked him about moving to center, a move he is open to making.

"They want to make sure I'm versatile," Warford said. "(Teams) have asked if I have taken snaps before. I was actualy our second string center this year, so I've played a lot of center."

With Kentucky running most plays out of the shotgun formation, Warford has experience making those snaps as well. His chief concern is with making a football team, whether that be at guard or center.

"I don't know who is liking me and who's not," Warford said. "I'm just here to work. That's all I can really do."

While Warford has felt the pressure of the big stage at the combine, he's gotten along well with the other guards in attendance, which has made things easier.

"I thought everybody would be really serious and unfriendly, but it has been exactly the opposite," Warford said. "I didn't know (Alabama guard) Chance (Warmack), but he came and introduced himself to me. He's a great guy. It's really fun to be around all of these guys.

With the support of the rest of the linemen, Warford set a career high on the bench press, putting up 28 reps on Friday. He continues his on-field workouts on Saturday.

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