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2013 NFL combine results: Top tight end 40-yard dash times

Tight ends continued the run of impressive performances in the 40-yard dash on Friday, led by Chris Gragg of Arkansas.


The tight ends got their chance to run the 40-yard dash on Saturday and, following the impressive performance of the offensive linemen, put up strong times of their own.

The group was led by Chris Gragg of Arkansas, who ran in a time of 4.50 seconds, with a 10-yard split of 1.53 seconds.

The top 10 fastest times:

  1. Chris Gragg, Arkansas: 4.50
  2. Matt Furstenburg, Maryland: 4.62
  3. Jake Stoneburner, Ohio St.: 4.65
  4. Tyler Eifert, Notre Dame: 4.68
  5. Vance McDonald, Rice: 4.69
  6. Nick Kasa, Colorado: 4.71
  7. Jordan Reed, Floirda: 4.72
  8. Dion Sims, Michigan St.: 4.75
  9. Zach Ertz, Stanford: 4.76
  10. Mychal Rivera, Tennessee: 4.81

Eifert is considered the top tight end prospect, but both Eifert and Ertz could be selected in the first round. The all-time fastest 40-time for a tight end was recorded by Vernon Davis, who ran it in 4.38 seconds in 2006. Gragg's time of 4.50 seconds ties for the fourth-fastest tight end time ever recorded at the combine.

The 40-yard dash is gaining importance for tight ends as they have become more involved in the deep passing game in recent years.

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