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NFL Combine 2013 results: Offensive linemen run drills, skill positions hit the weight room on Day 4

Day four of the NFL Scouting Combine wrapped up Saturday night. The day's action included big men running and the skill positions showing off their strength in the weight room.


Day four of the NFL Scouting Combine is in the books, and what a day it was. It was the first real day of actual on-the-field drills and events, and we were treated to tight ends and offensive linemen running the 40-yard dash, among other things.

The day saw combine activities wrapped up for the day one arrivals, as each set of arrivals has a four-day process at the combine. Group 1 (kickers, special teams, and offensive linemen), Group 2 (more offensive linemen) and Group 3 (tight ends) took part in drills, of which the 40-yard dash was the most prominent.

Now, the 40-yard dash isn't especially relevant for offensive linemen, but the fact that Terron Armstead was able to log an official time of 4.71 seconds is mind-blowing. It was the top for his class, and after he managed to bench 31 times, he's definitely boosted his draft stock on his athleticism alone.

For the tight ends, there were some solid times, but the 4.5 from Chris Gragg of Arkansas was tops. Tyler Eifert, considered to be the top tight end this year, put up a 40 time of 4.68, while Zach Ertz, the No. 2 tight end, put up 4.76 seconds.

Going forward, the primary focus will be on the 40 times for wide receivers and running backs, and fortunately, those drills take place on Sunday. The day two arrivals were Group 4 (quarterbacks and wide receivers), Group 5 (more quarterbacks and more wide receivers) and Group 6 (running backs.

Their four-day cycle ends with all of the drills on Sunday. They did their bench presses on Saturday and there aren't too many things of note. Wide receiver T.J. Moe of Missouri led his position with 26 reps, and Tommy Bohanon of Wake Forest put up an impressive 36 reps to lead the running backs.

Also on Saturday, the final groups arrived for registration and orientation. Those groups are Group 10 and Group 11 and they're all comprised of defensive backs.

Sunday will see those players get their measurements, will see the day three arrivals take to the bench press (defensive linemen and linebackers) and the day two arrivals compete in the aforementioned drills.

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