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2013 NFL Combine: T.J. Moe impresses in everything but 40-yard dash

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Moe may not have the straight line speed, but his skill-set translates well to the slot receiver position in the NFL.


Mike Mayock loves the phrase "he's more quick than fast."

Former Missouri wide receiver T.J. Moe fits the bill. After putting up the most bench press reps of any wide receiver with 26, but running the slowest time in the 40-yard dash with a 4.74, Moe impressed in the shuttle and three cone drills.

Moe timed out better than any receiver in both drills, running a 6.53 in the 3-cone drill and a 3.96 in the 20-yard shuttle. Moe added a 10.87 in the 60-yard shuttle, which was also the top time.

As a slot receiver, the shuttle drills and 3-cone drill carry more weight that the 40-yard dash. Add to that his bench press, and his skills seem to translate to the slot in the NFL. Moe isn't delusional about where he fits in, saying on Friday that his best fit is underneath.

"I'm quick, and I can catch the football," Moe said. "You're not going to draft me to put me outside and run a fade route. You're going to draft me because I can get open underneath and make things happen."

Moe certainly turned some heads with his workouts on Sunday. He even made a nifty grab in positional drills.


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