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NFL Draft 2013: Star Lotulelei seeks 2nd opinion on heart condition

2013 NFL Draft hopeful Star Lotulelei will seek a second opinion on the heart condition that kept him out of the Scouting Combine.

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The NFL Scouting Combine didn't go anything like Utah defensive tackle Star Lotulelei planned. The consensus first-round pick made headlines when an echocardiogram detected a heart condition that forced him out of participating in drills to try and boost his draft stock.

Now, is reporting that Lotulelei will fly to Utah on Monday, where he will seek a second opinion. It's unclear which professional Lotulelei will seek the second opinion from, but he is officially done at the Scouting Combine.

Lotulelei's condition, as reported, revolved around his left ventricle and the efficiency with which it pumped blood. According to the reports, Lotulelei was pumping at only 44 percent efficiency, while the normal rate can range from 55 to 70 percent.

For a football player of Lotulelei's stature, that is not an insignificant difference. That said, there's a chance that Lotulelei could have drained himself with the reported 10 pounds of weight loss in the days leading up to the NFL Combine.

In sports that require shedding weight fast, like many combat sports, there are plenty of negative effects that can be experienced on the body if the weight is not shed properly. It's unclear if that's actually what is wrong with Lotulelei, but the player has been adamant all along that he will take part in Utah's Pro Day on March 20.

The best thing that can happen to Lotulelei now is to learn that the issue is not really that much of an issue, after all. Not competing at the combine isn't going to ruin him, as he has been considered a top 10 pick for some time.

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