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2013 NFL Combine results: Tyrann Mathieu runs unofficial 4.43 in 40-yard dash

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The speed of the former LSU Tigers cornerback had been questioned before the combine.

NFL Network

Former LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu wasn't expected to impress in the 40-yard dash, but certainly did so on Tuesday morning with an unofficial time of 4.43 seconds. Mathieu had been previously projected by CBS Sports to finish in 4.58 seconds.


Mathieu raised eyebrows when he finished with just four reps of 225 pounds in the bench press drill; however, his physicality as a football player wasn't very much in question. His size and straight-line speed were, though, and the fast sprint time certainly helps to combat the latter.

The time is even more impressive considering Mathieu weighed in at 186 pounds, 10 pounds heavier than his listed playing weight of 176 during his time at LSU. While still limited due to his height, the 40-yard dash alone is enough to make the trip to the 2013 NFL Combine a solid one for the former Heisman candidate.

Official times recorded by the NFL's electronic timing system are released later in the day.

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