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NFL combine TV ratings up 11 percent over 2012

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NFL Draft prospects getting measured and doing football-related drills keeps getting more and more popular.

Joe Robbins

Today in the NFL is a Giant and Still Growing Sports Behemoth Department comes news that this year's combine drew the event's highest amount of television viewers, leaping high over the 2012 total.

Everyone's favorite Internet intersection for sports and business, Darren Rovell, tweeted Thursday that 7.25 million people tuned in to the NFL Network over four days of coverage, a record-setting amount and an 11 percent increase in viewers from last year.

The combine is officially becoming an annual NFL event along the lines -- though probably not as popular yet -- as the draft itself or training camp coverage. The 40-yard dash times and bench press reps of draft prospects are as scrutinized as ever, as are personality evaluations like their media and team interviews.

While it isn't a surprise to see interest in the combine continuing to grow, the rapid rate it's climbing at leaves only one question: How big can it get?

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