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Tyler Bray could be exactly what the Buffalo Bills need

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The Bills, as always, need a quarterback. There are questions surrounding Tyler Bray, but he could be exactly what that team needs.

Scott Cunningham

The Buffalo Bills will hold a private workout with Tennessee Volunteers quarterback Tyler Bray on Saturday, April 6, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. The Bills will send almost all their decision-makers down to Knoxville for the workout, including head coach Doug Marrone, general manager Buddy Nix, assistant general manager Doug Whaley, and team president Russ Brandon, which would indicate that the team's interest is serious.

Bray presents an interesting proposition to prospective NFL teams. His physical talents are undeniable, but his extracurricular efforts away from the field, including an evening of throwing beer bottles around his apartment complex, seem to indicate that he has some growing up to do. That said, he is neither the first nor last immature football player, and the NFL is full of wildly successful yet immature players.

Bray's teams at Tennessee struggled, but it would be unfair to pin that on him. The Vols had depth problems during his entire tenure in Knoxville, and the defense was the worst in the SEC this past season. Bray kept Tennessee in a lot of games they probably shouldn't have been in, and did so without the help of a strong running game. He completed almost 60% of his passes and threw for 34 touchdowns in 2012, but also tossed 12 interceptions. But again, when the onus is on the quarterback to make everything happen, interceptions happen.

It's no surprise the Bills are interested in a quarterback. They released starter Ryan Fitzpatrick earlier in March, and you could make a pretty good argument that quarterback was a major need for the team before that move. Selecting Bray with the eighth overall pick would be a stretch, but he could easily still be on the board when they pick in the second round, which would be much more palatable for the majority of fans.

Regardless of where they draft Bray, or if they draft him at all, the Bills need to do something at quarterback. The team has floundered over a decade, and if they think Bray will be the guy to turn the franchise around, then they should pick him with all speed. Like with all first-round quarterbacks, it's possible that Bray will be terrible and the pick will blow up in Buffalo's face. However, at this point, that's nothing new for the team, and at least Bray's implosion would be interesting.

If the Bills take Bray and he makes them a winner, it will be my turn to throw around beer bottles, and I suspect I won't be the only Bills fan doing so.

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