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Damontre Moore 2013 NFL Draft scouting report


Damontre Moore | Defensive end | Texas A&M | 6'4 1/2, 260 pounds

Much has been made of Moore's subpar showing at the NFL Scouting Combine where he had just 12 bench press reps and ran a 4.9 40-yard dash. But his other timing numbers were solid. But his two negative numbers seem to make everyone forget that he had 80 tackles, 12.5 sacks and 20 tackles for loss playing in the SEC.

It's also easy to forget that Moore has experience playing outside linebacker. He was Von Miller's replacement at A&M. Standing up in 2011, he had 72 tackles and 8.5 sacks. Moore may not have pure off the charts athleticism, but he has adequate movement skills and closing speed.


Moore's whole game is built on effort. He's not the biggest, fastest or strongest, but he often made up for it at Texas A&M on sheer determination and his motor. He's a play through the whistle player. As a pass rusher, Moore is at his best when he can work to the inside. One of his better pass rush moves is a spin to the middle. He also utilizes a stutter-step move with some success. He has experience playing on both the right and left side with his hand down.

Moore shows good lateral movement agility and can change direction with ease. With his past play at Joker for A&M, it may not be without reason that Moore could turn into a player like Paul Kruger. He knows how to read a play and seems to have an understanding of proper angles to the ball. Shouldn't be too much of a liability when asked to drop in coverage.

In the run game, Moore rarely let runners win to his side of the line of scrimmage. Splits gaps against multiple blockers. Moore's foot quickness is better than his timed numbers. Excels at stripping the ball during a tackle. Forced eight fumbles during his career. When the play goes in the opposite direction, Moore knows when to simply contain and when to chase.


Pure speed is what pushes Moore behind some defensive ends in the 2013 NFL Draft. He doesn't have that elite first step to always beat the tackle to the corner. He isn't going to be Jason Pierre-Paul.

Power has been an issue for Moore as well. This quote from A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin before the season is pretty much the book on Moore.

"I think the problem with him is kind of a feast or famine deal, that he's made big plays but has showed the ability to hurt the football team with contain issues, jumping offsides, hasn't been able to stay (up) ... you look out there and he's flopping around on the ground. So he's a guy that we've got to corral. He's got to understand his role and become an every-down player that's consistent and not just (having) a great play and then we don't see you, and then a maybe a penalty."

In 2012, he wasn't quite as feast or famine as in years past, but he did get knocked around at times. Moore has a frame to get bigger, but that will take some time. In order not to get pushed to the ground, Moore will have to add strength to his base. As he gets stronger, Moore should improve as a tackler. Against stronger running backs, Moore really had to work hard to get them down when they're coming straight at him. Eddie Lacy of Alabama, for instance, was a tough tackle a couple times.


Moore is not going to get faster, so teams looking for a pure speed rusher won't find it in him. Moore profiles as an effort left end that can chase after the ball. He should be able to play with his hand in the ground and standing up.

NFL comparison: Paul Kruger