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NFL Draft 2013: Keenan Allen 'red-flagged' for drug test

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Keenan Allen was red-flagged for a drug test he took at the 2013 NFL Combine. Is his first-round NFL Draft projection now in jeopardy?


Cal wide receiver Keenan Allen was red-flagged for a drug test at the 2013 NFL Combine and forced to take another test this month, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. As of yet, there has been no indication why his initial test was red-flagged. According to Schefter, the results of Allen's most recent test are unknown. Allen's agent denied that his client failed any drug test, saying that Allen's recent retest concerned his knee and ankle injuries and not the drug test in Indianapolis.

Schefter's report comes at an inopportune time for Allen, with the 2013 NFL Draft now less than 10 days away. Allen has spent the offseason battling back from a troublesome knee injury that held him out of workouts during the combine and Cal's pro day. He performed well at a private workout last week, though it appeared that he was still dealing with lingering issues from the injury he suffered in October. Allen's 40-yard dash was in the 4.7-range.

Allen was considered the best wide receiver prospect in the 2013 draft class by Matthew Fairburn early in the scouting process. He is currently ranked as SB Nation's No. 2 wide receiver prospect, though he is expected to be the fourth wide receiver taken in SB Nation's latest mock draft. Allen still lands in the first round, going No. 23 overall to the Minnesota Vikings.

Allen never had any off-field concerns while he was with the Golden Bears. It's anyone's guess how Schefter's report will affect Allen's draft stock considering how few details are known about the drug test at the Combine and the one taken this month. There are lot of reasons why a test could be red-flagged, and not all of them are sinister. If those administering the test made a mistake in procedure or somehow contaminated the sample, that could also explain why Allen was asked to test again. One source told Schefter that Allen had abnormally high levels of water in his urine, which is suspicious but not an indictment of drug use.

Where Allen falls on draft weekend could tell us much more about what happened in Indianapolis.

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