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2013 NFL Draft all-underrated team: Justice Cunningham leads tight end sleepers

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Between now and April 25, we will be unveiling our All-Underrated and All-Overrated teams for the 2013 NFL Draft. Each team will be revealed position by position with a first-team selection, second-team selection and honorable mentions as we see fit. We continue with the All-Underrated tight ends.

Streeter Lecka

The tight end position is becoming a way for NFL offensive coordinators to create mismatches. Some of the best tight ends in the league weren't highly coveted on draft weekend.

Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham, Antonio Gates and Aaron Hernandez all lasted into at least the draft's second day, making the position a unique place to find value in the draft.

Tyler Eifert is the highest-ranked tight end in the 2013 class, but the talent runs a bit deeper than that. While not considered a particularly strong class at the position, some of the tight ends in this draft have skill sets that will translate to the NFL. Here are some underrated prospects to keep an eye on.

First team: Justice Cunningham, South Carolina

Over the last few seasons, it's been easy for an offensive player to get lost in Columbia, S.C. With Marcus Lattimore, Ace Sanders and Alshon Jeffery running around for the Gamecocks, tight end Justice Cunningham rarely had the spotlight. But Cunningham was a big part of South Carolina's offense. His tenacious blocking and tough, physical style of play have stood out each of the last two seasons. Cunningham won't stretch the field often and doesn't have outstanding body control, but he's a reliable presence over the middle of the field and a player that can step in and contribute as a blocker from day one.

Second team: Nick Kasa, Colorado

Raw is the first word that comes to mind when discussing Colorado tight end Nick Kasa. A defensive end convert, Kasa is still learning how to play the position. He's been reliable as a blocker and has the speed to stretch the defense, but his NFL success will depend on how he is utilized and how much he can continue to develop. Kasa certainly has the skills that we've seen from other top tight end prospects, and the upside is there. Will a team be able to tap into that potential?

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