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Mocking the Draft podcast: Jadeveon Clowney headlines 2014 NFL Draft pass rushers

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Nobody is catching Clowney for the top spot, but is Anthony Barr safe as the No. 2 pass rusher in the class?

Kevin C. Cox

The NFL has become a passing league, putting an increased importance on getting after the quarterback. The 2014 NFL Draft features a few talented pass rushers, the most notable being South Carolina's Jadeveon Clowney.

On the Episode Four of the Mocking the Draft podcast, Dan Kadar and I discussed Clowney and the rest of the class. With Clowney in a class of his own and UCLA's Anthony Barr having a stranglehold on the second pass rusher tier, a handful of talented prospects are battling it out to reach that level. Among the prospects discussed were Adrian Hubbard of Alabama, Kareem Martin of UNC and Morgan Breslin of USC.

We also took some of your questions, which led to a discussion on the guard class, which is notably less impressive than the groups from the 2012 and 2013 drafts.

Listen to the entire episode below and find us on iTunes to stay updated on our show every week. If you have a question for us, drop it in the comments or find us on Twitter.

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