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Mocking the Draft podcast: Teddy Bridgewater talk highlights Episode One

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At long last, Mocking the Draft has launched a podcast, giving you NFL Draft talk all year.

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In case you haven't heard the news, Dan Kadar and I have started up a podcast dedicated to NFL Draft talk all year round. We launched the first episode of Mocking the Draft on Wednesday night at 8:30 p.m., and it streamed live on Blog Talk Radio.

The first episode featured a discussion on the 2011 quarterback class and which teams could be in the market for a signal caller early in the 2014 draft. That led to a healthy amount of talk about Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and the rest of his classmates at quarterback in next year's draft.

We then answered questions we received on Twitter, which included under the radar players, running back talk and much more. If you want to have a question answered on the show, there is a call-in number each week, and you can always find us on Twitter @MockingtheDraft or @MatthewFairburn to get your question in. Feel free to leave comments below to have your question answered as well.

Here is the link to the full recorded version of the podcast. The first three minutes are dead air as we had to work through some technical difficulties. I will update this post with a link to the show on iTunes once we get that squared away. Thanks for listening.

Listen to internet radio with Mocking the Draft on BlogTalkRadio

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