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The week's best interviews at the 2015 NFL Combine

Everyone has a story, some are just better than others. Here are the most interesting stories to be had at the Scouting Combine this week in Indianapolis.

Everyone has a story. Some are just more interesting than others. When more than 300 players arrive in Indianapolis for the NFL Scouting Combine, one of the requirements is speaking to the media.

While there may be no story as compelling as Michael Sam's last year, we'll do our best to shed some light on the more interesting players in the 2015 NFL Draft. The obvious main event players this year are Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston, Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota, Georgia running back Todd Gurley and Southern California defensive lineman Leonard Williams.

But after them, there should be several good podium sessions. These are a few to look forward to:

Michael Bennett, DT, Ohio State

Bennett’s Twitter game is on point. He’s not a boring athlete spouting cliches or letting everyone know how great he is. The most threatening he’ll get is if someone tries to get in the way of eating, which is understandable considering he’s a 288-pound defensive tackle.

Why, he’s even good at parlor games:

His roommates -- a group of four high school friends from Centerville, Ohio -- even get in on the fun. They’re even doing their part making sure people are aware of their large roomie:

Of all the players who will speak the combine this year, Bennett will probably be the most gregarious.

Florida State players

Several Florida State players had serious allegations against them and many were dropped with little explanation. Winston, running back Karlos Williams and cornerback P.J. Williams will be faced with tough questions. How they choose to answer them will be telling.

Jacoby Glenn and Maxx Williams

Glenn, a cornerback from Central Florida, and Williams, a tight end from Minnesota, were both redshirt sophomores who decided to enter the draft. We expected Winston to turn pro after his redshirt sophomore season. It's also understandable why Oklahoma defensive tackle Jordan Phillips did. In 2013 he played just four games because of a back injury, so jumping to the NFL outweighs the risk of staying in school another year. But why Glenn and Williams? Their stories could be as boring as they just thought they were ready. But maybe there's more to it.

Jean Sifrin, TE, Massachusetts

Despite playing just one season of college football, Sifrin has some seen some stuff, man. Especially compared to other college football players. The 27-year-old has a son, he worked in a grocery store warehouse out of high school and got discovered as a player while playing flag football. Two stops at junior colleges and a season at Massachusetts and Sifrin has one of the more interesting stories in this year's draft.

Dorial Green-Beckham, WR, Missouri

This should be the most riveting interview of the week. Green-Beckham comes from a rough background, got in trouble several times at Missouri, was dismissed, transferred to Oklahoma and was ruled ineligible. Despite not playing for a whole year, he went pro. We haven't heard DGB since January of 2014. This guy has quite the story to tell.