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Marcus Peters says dismissal from Washington hurt him

After being dismissed from the Huskies' football team in November, the star cornerback is getting ready for his chance.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

INDIANAPOLIS -- In just his second public appearance since getting dismissed from the University of Washington, cornerback Marcus Peters was contrite about his actions.

He just wasn't willing to explain why he got kicked off the team, only saying he had a miscommunication with coaches.

"I made some immature decisions at the University of Washington and it hurt me, truly," Peters said. "I just have to learn from my mistakes and grow from them."

What those mistakes are, Peters was unwilling to say. He did, however, say the report that he choked a coach at Washington was "false."

Last season was the first at Washington for head coach Chris Petersen, so Peters had to adjust and get comfortable with a new staff. It didn't always go well. Peters was suspended for a game in September after throwing his helmet and gloves on the sidelines against Eastern Washington. That outburst followed a personal foul penalty after he headbutted a player. He was eventually dismissed from Washington in November.

"It’s never one thing. We’re not going to dismiss a guy because it’s one thing," Petersen told reporters after Peters was dismissed from the team. "That’s not what we’re in this business (to be) about. But when you feel like it just can’t work, you gotta do what you’ve gotta do."

Despite getting kicked off the Huskies' team, Peters said he never thought he lost his chance at playing football.

"There are a lot of people that make mistakes and I am blessed to have a second chance with me being able to be at the Combine and I go in these interviews and I go in and accept full responsibility for what happened and I just take full ownership of it," Peters said.

Even though he was kicked off Washington's team, Peters wouldn't guarantee he'll remain free of trouble.

"I don’t guarantee anything. Everyone makes mistakes," Peters said. "All I tell them is that I’ve matured from the decisions I made in the past and I’m moving forward."