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2015 NFL mock draft: Brandon Scherff to New York Giants at No. 9

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Our New York Giants blogger believes the Giants are in need of a plug-and-play starter up front to help Eli Manning get his team back to the postseason.

In the five-year gap from 2007-11, the New York Giants won the Super Bowl twice, and it became difficult to imagine that Tom Coughlin would ever leave the organization on anything but his own terms. But over the last six seasons -- which includes the second of those Super Bowl wins -- the Giants have won 10 games just once and missed the playoffs altogether in five out of those six seasons.

The Giants need to get back to the playoffs. Ed Valentine of Big Blue View, picking for the team he covers in our 2015 NFL mock draft, is making a selection with that end goal in mind, despite the allure of tempting prospects at other, less critical areas.

9. Giants: Brandon Scherff, OT, Iowa

Valentine: Scherff has been the player most commonly mocked to the Giants for several months now, and this is a case of those mock drafts actually proving to be correct. Looking at the Giants, this makes too much sense not to happen.

The Giants entered the offseason one starter short on their offensive line, and free agency hasn’t changed that. They have plugged some defensive holes with some under-the-radar signings, putting them in position to grab the one thing they need -- a plug-and-play starter on the offensive line who is a dominant run-blocker -- to complete their offense. That’s Scherff, the best offensive lineman in this class (apologies to La’el Collins and Hogs Haven, and my thanks for leaving Scherff on the board for me).

There will be those pounding the table for the sexier pick of Alabama wide receiver Amari Cooper in this scenario, or pass-rushing defensive end Dante Fowler. Both are tempting, but the Giants simply have to complete their offensive line if they are going to give Eli Manning a chance to get the team back to the playoffs. Scherff is the player in this draft who gives them the best chance to do that, whether he ultimately ends up at right tackle or inside at guard.

Dan Kadar, In one regard, the choice of Scherff becomes easier with LSU offensive tackle La’el Collins off the board. It becomes more difficult, though, if Alabama wide receiver Amari Cooper is available. It’s hard to get a bead on how Giants general manager Jerry Reese will stack his draft board, but you have to believe he’ll take a skill position player over a blocker if they’re graded similarly. A wide receiver could be a consideration because the health of Victor Cruz is somewhat unknown.

Dan's Top 5 players remaining

  • 5. Amari Cooper, WR, Alabama
  • 6. Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia
  • 9. DeVante Parker, WR, Louisville
  • 10. Dante Fowler, DE, Florida
  • 13. Eddie Goldman, DT, Florida State

All picks from this mock draft

Giants picks

  • 1-9: Brandon Scherff, OT, Iowa
  • 2-40: (coming April 9)

Eagerly anticipating picks from the St. Louis Rams, Minnesota Vikings and Cleveland Browns? Well, you won't have long to wait; those picks will all be revealed tomorrow.

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