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5 teams that should make trades in the 2015 NFL Draft

We're going to see a lot of picks moved on draft weekend. Teams like Denver, Cleveland, St. Louis, Washington and Buffalo should all maneuver around the draft.

By the time the first two rounds of the draft were finished last year, we saw more than a third of the picks get traded. In total, 22 of the first 64 picks were not made by the original team to which they were assigned. That number was down slightly from 24 in 2013 and 28 in 2012.

Thus far with the 2015 NFL Draft, we've only had two of the first 64 picks traded. Expect to see a lot of action on draft weekend as teams maneuver around targeting the player they like or working to accumulate more picks. Here are five teams that should make a move:

Denver Broncos

Move to make: Trade out and get extra picks in 2016

The Broncos have 10 scheduled picks in the draft, one of the highest totals in the league. But do they have room for 10 draft picks on the roster? Currently, the Broncos have 76 players signed. If they use all 10 picks, that leaves them with just four roster spots for undrafted free agents. After last year's draft, the Broncos added 15 undrafted players, so moving that number to just four seems unlikely.

The Broncos also face another heavy free agency class after this season. Players like Malik Jackson, Von Miller, Manny Ramirez and Derek Wolfe are entering the final years of their contracts. Denver could help the future depth of the roster by moving a pick or two this year for a higher pick next year. Here are Denver's scheduled picks. Compensatory selections can't be traded.

Round 1, pick No. 28 overall
Round 2, pick No. 59 overall
Round 3, pick No. 92 overall
Round 4, pick No. 133 overall (comp.)
Round 5, pick No. 143 overall
Round 5, pick No. 164 overall
Round 6, pick No. 203 overall
Round 7, pick No. 250 overall (comp.)
Round 7, pick No. 251 overall (comp.)
Round 7, pick No. 252 overall (comp.)

If I had to guess, that third-round pick could be one that gets moved. It's high enough for a team to give up a second-round pick in next year's draft. Being able to move off No. 92 will only happen if the Broncos can find a starter on the defensive line with one of the first two picks. The Broncos could also be thinking offensive tackle with that fourth-round pick considering they interviewed offensive tackles like Jeremiah Poutasi of Utah and Ty Sambrailo of Colorado State at the NFL Scouting Combine. Also consider that Gary Kubiak is running a zone-blocking scheme and he could find less regarded but athletic linemen later in the draft. Denver also has to come out of this draft with a starting inside linebacker, but we've seen that position get filled later in the draft. Players like Jeff Luc of Cincinnati, Taiwan Jones of Michigan State and Trey DePriest of Alabama are fifth- or sixth-rounders who could start and be solid two-down players.

The goal for the Broncos, though, is getting extra picks in the 2016 draft to offset potential free agent losses while not overloading the roster this year.

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St. Louis Rams

Move to make: Get the quarterback they covet

No team seems to be showing as much interest as St. Louis in the top quarterbacks in the draft. Either the Rams are wasting a lot of time in resources in an elaborate smokescreen, or they want someone to compete with the recently acquired Nick Foles. By the draft, they will have worked out Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota and Garrett Grayson and had a visit with Bryce Petty. The Rams talked with all of them at the Combine as well, in addition to UCLA's Brett Hundley.

In last year's draft we saw the Minnesota Vikings target Teddy Bridgewater and move back into the first round to draft him at No. 32. Could the Rams be that team this year? To make that move last year, Minnesota only gave up its second- and fourth-round picks. For the Rams, that would be picks 41 and 119. New England head coach Bill Belichick is never afraid to move around in the draft. If the Rams absolutely fall in love with someone like Petty or Hundley, Belichick should be the first call they make.

Bonus: St. Louis needs to get off of pick No. 10 overall. What are the Rams going to get there that they can't get in the middle of the first round? There will be offensive linemen and wide receivers nearly as good later in the first and they can possibly acquire future assets.

Cleveland Browns

Move to make: Trade up for Marcus Mariota

If the Browns want to get the Heisman Trophy winner, they're going to have to move off pick No. 12 to get him. They'll likely have to give up pick No. 19 to do so. Despite the Browns having a handful of needs, they have to be aggressive if they really want Mariota. They can't afford to get undercut on another big draft trade like they did with Robert Griffin III in 2012. Even if there is another team looking to move on Mariota, no one can provide a better deal of this year's picks than Cleveland.

How much is too much to give up, though? Picks Nos. 12 and 19 should be enough to get the Browns to the Oakland Raiders' pick at No. 4. They may need to sweeten things further to get to Jacksonville and No. 3 or Tennessee at No. 2. That's assuming the Titans just won't take Mariota second overall. But if the Browns miss out on Mariota, they shouldn't take a quarterback after the first round. A desperate fan base will demand that player gets on the field, and whomever it is out of a bad quarterback class, he won't be ready for the field in 2015.

Buffalo Bills

Move to make: Add picks

Because of trades for Bryce Brown, Matt Cassel and Sammy Watkins, the Bills have just six picks in the draft and only two in the top 100. The first pick for Buffalo is No. 50 overall. Many consider offensive line to be the Bills' top need, but they might be able to find that a little later, especially at guard. If the Bills get an offer for a later second-round pick and a middle-round pick for No. 50, they should take it with a quickness.

Who would want to move up to No. 50? A lot of teams need a wide receiver, and as you get deeper into the second round, it's harder to find a high-level talent at the position. Teams like the Panthers or Ravens could be hot after a wide receiver in the second round if they don't draft one in the first round. Buffalo could benefit and find line help, a middle linebacker or a safety with the extra pick.


Move to make: Trade down from No. 5

Washington's top needs seem to be the offensive line (at multiple positions), safety and outside linebacker/edge rusher. Other than a pass rusher, those needs don't match up well with the strengths at No. 5. If Washington could trade down from the fifth pick and get another selection in the top 75, it would help boost a team that doesn't often have many high picks in the draft. Currently, Washington is scheduled to make picks five, 38 and 69 in the first three rounds. If Washington got another pick somewhere in the second round or early third, it would be the first time since 1966 that the franchise had four of the top 75 picks in the draft. Impress your friends with that bit of trivia.

A team could be looking to get into the fifth pick for a variety of reasons. Namely, if Mariota is still on the board, moving ahead of the New York Jets at No. 6 is a must. If wide receiver Amari Cooper, or even Kevin White, is there at five, teams might want make a play for one of them as well. Washington should have plenty of suitors. Let's say Washington is able to score a second-round pick from a trade. That could open up things for a coverage safety like Eric Rowe of Utah or Damarious Randall of Arizona State.