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2016 NFL Draft order: Three rounds set after the Super Bowl

The first 95 selections are in place. What order could Denver and Carolina go following the Super Bowl?

With the Super Bowl over, all football eyes turn toward the 2016 NFL Draft. With every game played, we know the order of the first 95 selections in the draft.

The rest of the draft order will be set at the NFL owners meeting in March, when compensatory picks are announced. A few selected compensatory picks could be tacked onto the end of the third round. One could go to Detroit for losing Ndamukong Suh, and another could go to New England after losing Darrelle Revis in free agency after last season.

That's all to come. Now that we know where Denver and Carolina are picking, their draft needs can be pinpointed.

The Broncos may have won the Super Bowl, but they'll have some work to do this offseason. Denver's draft needs will be largely dependent on what happens in free agency. Von Miller is a free agent after this season, and could cash in big time. Even if he's franchised, the Broncos could look for a pass rusher early, especially considering DeMarcus Ware will be 34 at the start of next season.

Starting running back C.J. Anderson is also a free agent, albeit a restricted one, and there could be some good options there for Denver if he's not brought back. The offensive line could also be a key point of upgrading in Denver. Malik Jackson and Danny Trevathan, key starters on defense, are also free agents. They'll also have to figure out a quarterback situation, as Peyton Manning may retire and backup Brock Osweiler will be a free agent.

Carolina doesn't have as many big-name free agents after budding star cornerback Josh Norman. Right tackle Mike Remmers is a free agent, and if his Super Bowl performance against Miller is any indication, the Panthers would be wise to find his replacement.

For now, here's every set pick in the 2016 NFL Draft:


1. Tennessee Titans
2. Cleveland Browns
3. San Diego Chargers
4. Dallas Cowboys
5. Jacksonville Jaguars
6. Baltimore Ravens
7. San Francisco 49ers
8. Miami Dolphins
9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
10. New York Giants
11. Chicago Bears
12. New Orleans Saints
13. Philadelphia Eagles
14. Oakland Raiders
15. Los Angeles Rams
16. Detroit Lions
17. Atlanta Falcons
18. Indianapolis Colts
19. Buffalo Bills
20. New York Jets
21. Washington
22. Houston Texans
23. Minnesota Vikings
24. Cincinnati Bengals
25. Seattle Seahawks
26. Green Bay Packers
27. Pittsburgh Steelers
28. Kansas City Chiefs
29. Arizona Cardinals
30. Carolina Panthers
31. Denver Broncos

Note: New England's first-round pick was taken away following the DeflateGate scandal.


32. Cleveland Browns
33. Tennessee Titans
34. Dallas Cowboys
35. San Diego Chargers
36. Baltimore Ravens
37. San Francisco 49ers
38. Jacksonville Jaguars
39. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
40. New York Giants
41. Chicago Bears
42. Miami Dolphins
43. Los Angeles Rams (via Philadelphia)
44. Oakland Raiders
45. Los Angeles Rams
46. Detroit Lions
47. New Orleans Saints
48. Indianapolis Colts
49. Buffalo Bills
50. Atlanta Falcons
51. New York Jets
52. Houston Texans
53. Washington
54. Minnesota Vikings
55. Cincinnati Bengals
56. Seattle Seahawks
57. Green Bay Packers
58. Pittsburgh Steelers
59. Kansas City Chiefs
60. New England Patriots
61. Arizona Cardinals
62. Carolina Panthers
63. Denver Broncos


64. Tennessee Titans
65. Cleveland Browns
66. San Diego Chargers
67. Dallas Cowboys
68. San Francisco 49ers
69. Jacksonville Jaguars
70. Baltimore Ravens
71. New York Giants
72. Chicago Bears
73. Miami Dolphins
74. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
75. Oakland Raiders
76. Los Angeles Rams
77. Philadelphia Eagles
78. New Orleans Saints
79. Philadelphia Eagles
80. Buffalo Bills
81. Atlanta Falcons
82. Indianapolis Colts
83. New York Jets
84. Washington
85. Houston Texans
86. Minnesota Vikings
87. Cincinnati Bengals
88. Green Bay Packers
89. Pittsburgh Steelers
90. Seattle Seahawks
91. Kansas City Chiefs
92. New England Patriots
93. Arizona Cardinals
94. Carolina Panthers
95. Denver Broncos