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2016 NFL mock draft: Myles Jack to the Jacksonville Jaguars at No. 5

After cleaning up in free agency, will the fifth pick in the draft propel the Jaguars to the playoffs next season?

Jacksonville has handed out several big money contracts this offseason, signing defensive end Malik Jackson, safety Tashaun Gipson, running back Chris Ivory and offensive tackle Kelvin Beachum. In doing so, expect Jacksonville to be a trendy choice to make the playoffs next season.

Even with those signings, and an ascending star quarterback in Blake Bortles, it seems like another big-impact piece is needed. With a pick in the top five, Jacksonville has a chance to make that splash. Here's who Alfie Crow of Big Cat Country has the Jaguars selecting:

5. Jaguars: Myles Jack, LB, UCLA

Alfie Crow: The Jaguars have left themselves a lot of flexibility in the 2016 NFL Draft with their free agent signings, but UCLA’s Myles Jack seems like the ideal pick with everything they’ve done so far and is a good fit for what they need to add defensively. The team needs linebackers, because outside of Telvin Smith and Paul Posluszny, who’s in the twilight of his career, there’s really nothing else of merit. Jack can come in right away and maybe not start, but play a big role on the defense at SLB in base packages and coming on the field on third downs for coverage, ideally taking over for Posluszny as the MLB of the future. Jack is an all-around linebacker that makes plays and that’s something the team has been sorely lacking.

Analysis: Linebacker is the level of the defensive the Jaguars haven't attacked in free agency, so in that regard the pick certainly makes sense. Jack is a superstar talent who shouldn't slip out of the top five – assuming his knee checks out fine combine medical rechecks. Even as a rookie, Jack will challenge for playing time thanks to his versatility and athleticism.

Dan's Top 5 players remaining

  • 1. Joey Bosa, DE, Ohio State
  • 6. DeForest Buckner, DE, Oregon
  • 7. Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Ohio State
  • 8. Ronnie Stanley, OT, Notre Dame
  • 10. Vernon Hargreaves, CB, Florida

Jaguars picks

  • 1-5: Myles Jack, LB, UCLA
  • 2-38: (coming April 12)

Our final pick for today is coming up at 3 p.m. ET courtesy of Baltimore Beatdown and the Baltimore Ravens.

Complete draft results:

1. Tennessee Titans - Laremy Tunsil, OT, Ole Miss (Link)
2. Cleveland Browns - Jared Goff, QB, Cal (Link)
3. San Diego Chargers - Jalen Ramsey, DB, Florida State (Link)
4. Dallas Cowboys - Carson Wentz, QB, North Dakota State
5. Jacksonville Jaguars - Myles Jack, LB, UCLA