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When anonymous sources question Leonard Fournette’s passion, show them this hit

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The guys who got trampled by Fournette in college sure care.

From Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer:

One question that’s faced LSU RB Leonard Fournette concerns his passion for football. And there’s a widespread feeling he’s driven by stardom. My guess is Jacksonville’s Tom Coughlin and Doug Marrone would address that quickly.

Fournette skipped LSU’s bowl win over Louisville after an injury-hampered junior season, claiming head coach Ed Orgeron insisted he sit out.

(Also sitting out bowl season was less-injured running back Christian McCaffrey of Stanford. Breer doesn’t mention whether the NFL is concerned by McCaffrey’s passion levels, but does compare him to Reggie Bush and praise his clean record.)

Anonymous Scout Season has been quiet for the 2017 NFL draft, but there’s still plenty of time for smiles to be graded, ankles to be eyeballed, and passion buckets to be weighed.

Still, whenever I hear anyone suggest Fournette doesn’t care enough about football, all I’m gonna think about is stuff like this:


Look at No. 83 skipping in delight.

Fournette could’ve taken his injured ankle out of bounds without anyone thinking twice. He instead chose to turn a healthy human athlete into a disfigured lawn gnome, and he did that kind of thing all the time in college. Yeah, Fournette outweighed that particular defender, but that’s how he approached the field every time I recall him stepping on it.

Oh, and this one:


I don’t know Fournette and can’t tell you whether there’s anything to that anonymous worry. I do know that, in the three years of his college career, I never wondered about whether he wanted to stomp on opponents with all his soul or not.

Oh, and this one: