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The Colts let an orangutan make 3 draft picks, and it did a good job

Would draft this orangutan.

The 2017 NFL draft continued on Saturday with the final rounds. The picks were announced from the franchise cities as opposed to in Philly itself. The Indianapolis Colts chose to announce their fourth-round pick at the Indianapolis Zoo. To do so, they used an orangutan and it did a good job.

The Colts selected offensive tackle Zach Banner from USC. I’m very impressed with this orangutan’s ability to draft, and glad that it earned a well-deserved snack after his hard work.

The best part about this is that when the Colts picked again with the No. 143 and No. 144 picks for Marlon Mack and Grover Stewart, the orangutan came back!

He got some another snack too, which was also well-deserved.

In the seventh round, NFL Network even did a scouting report on our primate friend, and it was pretty accurate.

We’ve already seen the Vikings use The Mountain from Game of Thrones to announce their pick, so this Colts pick live from the Indy Zoo is definitely up there in terms of fourth-round pick creativity.