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NFL Network scouted an orangutan, and it was glorious

Elite prospect, would draft.

During the final day of the 2017 NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts announced their draft picks from the city’s zoo, and they even let Rocky the orangutan, a zoo resident, pick for them three times. Impressively, it was able to execute making the picks to perfection.

The orangutan making draft picks picked up steam on social media, and it was such a hit, that the NFL Network began scouting orangutans during the seventh round of the draft. The result was absolutely glorious television.

Mike Mayock of the NFL Network wasn’t a fan of using the animal to announce draft picks, ranting about how it was disrespectful to the players being selected. But we respectfully disagree with Mayock’s sentiment.

“If we’re going back to the zoo, I’m walking off the desk,” Mayock said. “I’ve about had the zoo, OK? Enough. Enough. I mean, is this good TV?”

WELL ACTUALLY, it is good television, as good as you can make television showing the fifth round of the NFL draft.

Thanks for giving us some more orangutan entertainment, NFL Network.