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Stephen White's Hoss of the Week

How a UDFA became a Defensive Player of the Year contender

Can Shaquil Barrett really keep kicking this much ass for the Bucs?

Shaquil Barrett is the Buccaneers’ new sack machine

4 plays that show the Bengals’ Sam Hubbard is a full-fledged defensive star

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Dont’a Hightower was the Patriots’ real Super Bowl hero — again

Hightower keeps stepping up when it matters most. Retired NFL defensive end Stephen White breaks down just how much of a difference the linebacker made in this Super Bowl against the Rams.

The Rams’ scary defensive trio is why they can win Super Bowl 53

The Chiefs have a secret weapon that can get them to the Super Bowl

Melvin Ingram is one Chargers player the Patriots cannot ignore

Aaron Donald couldn’t possibly be as good as everyone says he is. He’s better

The Bears knew all along what Khalil Mack was worth

Cameron Jordan might be the NFL’s most unblockable pass rusher

The Colts squandered one of the best defensive efforts of the NFL season

Cameron Jordan is forcing everyone to take the Saints defense seriously

How Von Miller spooked Philip Rivers into one of the dumbest plays of his career

Even the NFL’s best pass rushers need a good wingman

The man who makes the Vikings defense a nightmare for QBs

Aaron Donald is the real reason Aaron Rodgers never got a chance at a comeback

4 plays that show Aaron Donald is now even too good for words

Chandler Jones won’t let you ignore the Cardinals

NFL quarterbacks now have to worry about T.J. Watt too

Demarcus Lawrence is the best pass rusher nobody’s talking about, yet

J.J. Watt looks like his old self — and that’s scary

Geno Atkins put the Ravens in a blender to mixup the AFC North

Russell Wilson and the Seahawks never saw Von Miller coming

Brandon Graham made more than one play to help the Eagles win the Super Bowl

Hoss of the Year: Who were the NFL’s best pass rusher this season?

Retired NFL defensive lineman Stephen White has been celebrating the best pass rushers every week of the season. Find out who won and who was the best Hoss from 2017.

Trey Flowers is the unsung hero of the Patriots’ defense

Fletcher Cox delivered for the Eagles when they needed it most

Calais Campbell is why the Jaguars defense made the leap from good to great

Ziggy Ansah quietly sacked his way to a huge pay day this year

Cam Heyward isn't the prettiest pass rusher, but he deserves your respect

Aaron Donald was sent here to crush quarterbacks and ruin offensive linemen