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Richard Sherman blasts FedEx Field conditions: 'It was awful'

The painted green playing surface was far from ideal at FedEx Field last Sunday, and it may have led to multiple injuries.

Patrick McDermott

The Seattle Seahawks beat the Washington Redskins in a Wild Card playoff matchup last weekend, but the condition of the field may have been an even bigger story. Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman is never shy about voicing his opinion, and he let fly about the conditions at FedEx Field with Petros and Money on Fox Sports Radio, according to Sports Radio Interviews:

"It was awful. … There was no real traction in it. On top of [that], there were giant divots. On the field, when you cut and stuff, there are gonna be divots in the grass, but usually the grass is matted down so that the divots aren’t big and they don’t keep coming up. But they were friggin’ potholes out there."

The torn up turf, which was painted to resemble grass, contributed to injuries on both sides of the ball. The most notable of those being the severe knee injury suffered by Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III.

The Seahawks also suffered a couple major setbacks, as kicker Steven Hauschka suffered a calf injury midway through the game, which took the option of a long field goal away from Seattle. A major knee injury fell defensive end Chris Clemons. Both players have been placed on injured reserve and won't be available the rest of the playoffs.