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2013 Super Bowl commercials: 'Gangnam Style' star hired to sell pistachios

One Super Bowl commercial will feature South Korean pop star Psy ... selling pistachios.

Tom Szczerbowski

When Super Bowl 47 rolls around, there will be a legion of San Francisco 49ers fans rooting for Lombardi Trophy number six, and scores of Baltimore Ravens fans hoping to see linebacker Ray Lewis add another ring before calling it a career. There will be plenty of other football fans as well, but the total views will essentially be far beyond the hardcore football audience.

It's not a stretch to say that a large portion of viewers will be tuning in specifically to see what new Super Bowl commercials come out of the woodwork. It's a grand tradition at this point: you turn on the "Big Game" and turn your attention to max when the commercials actually hit.

This year, there should be some good ones. As to whether or not you think this one is going to be good really depends on how much you like companies trying their hardest (and failing) to connect with, in a word, the Internet.

As reported by ABC, Paramount Farms has brought in South Korean pop star Psy for a commercial to push its Wonderful Pistachios brand. Psy will don a pistachio-colored suit and do his trademark dance. He'll also open up a pistachio in some way, probably with his galloping dance and all to the tune of "Gangnam Style," Psy's run-away hit that took the Internet and then the world by storm last year.

Paramount Farms has had commercials featuring Internet "memes" in the past, including the honey badger commercial that caused no small amount of groaning when it debuted. Psy is a good bit past "meme" status, but at this point, the commercial will probably be less "Haha, that's Psy!" and "This really doesn't make me want pistachios."