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Protests in NFL

Follow SB Nation's coverage of the ongoing protests in the NFL.

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Kim Pegula opens up about COVID-19, diversity advocacy, more in FMIA column

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Kim Pegula, Sean McDermott speak on potential Buffalo Bills racial injustice protests

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Malcolm Jenkins hired by CNN

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Rodney McLeod expects Eagles players to join him in demonstrating during the national anthem in 2020

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Current, former Bills sign petition calling for end to Qualified Immunity for police officers

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Billieve: How the Bills are handling racial unrest, Jake Fromm’s racist texts

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The Linc - Malcolm Jenkins among thousands continuing to protest in Philadelphia

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Sean McDermott calls videos of George Floyd’s killing “disgusting”

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Transcript: Leslie Frazier on race relations, COVID offseason, and more

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Bills rookie QB Jake Fromm apologizes for racist text messages he sent in March 2019

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Transcript: Sean McDermott addresses recent protests, COVID-19 offseason

What we know about the confrontation between Eric Reid and Malcolm Jenkins

The truth behind why NFL players protest and how their message gets lost in the politics

Eric Reid kneels in protest before his Panthers debut

The latest on NFL player protests, the anthem policy, and Colin Kaepernick

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Richard Sherman calls out Jerry Jones’ ‘plantation mentality’

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Stephen Jones said players will stand for the National Anthem “if they want to be a Dallas Cowboy”

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Owners announce new national anthem policy, agitating NFLPA

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Bills fan who boycotted NFL watched their Wild Card game

NFL protests 2017: What's happening during Week 8?

Why Texans players plan to protest team owner Bob McNair

Texans’ Bob McNair apologizes for saying NFL can’t have ‘inmates running the prison’

Texans players almost walked out of practice after Bob McNair's 'inmate' comments

What's happening with the NFL protests in Week 7?

Everything you need to know about NFL protests during the national anthem

What's happening with the NFL protests in Week?

What's happening with the NFL protests in Week 5?

What's happening with the NFL’s protests during Week 4?

Packers players are joined by fans in linking arms during national anthem

Falcons players open up about whether meaning of protest is getting overlooked

What are players protesting when kneeling for the national anthem?

DirecTV allows Sunday Ticket refunds after NFL protests, per report