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Colts Vs. Redskins: Donovan McNabb Gets Picked; Peyton Manning Picks Apart Redskins

The Redskins nearly intercepted Peyton Manning on the opening drive of the Sunday night game against the Colts, but Carlos Rogers dropped the ball, which comes as a surprise to no one familiar with the career of Carlos Rogers.

Nevertheless, the Redskins got a stop on defense to open the game. On the ensuing drive, the Redskins offense drove inside the Colts' 40, but then Donovan McNabb tried to hit Santana Moss on a quick slant, but the throw was too far out in front of his receiver, and the pass was intercepted by Jerraud Powers.

Peyton Manning wasted little time making the Redskins pay for not taking advantage. On the first play after the interception, Manning hit Pierre Garcon in stride for a 57-yard touchdown pass to mark the first score of the game. On the play, Redskins safety LaRon Landry, a hero in Washington's win over Green Bay last week, tried unsuccessfully to bait Manning but was instead badly out of position on the long bomb.