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VIDEO: Cleveland Browns Punter Reggie Hodges Breezes For 68 Yards Against Saints

There's a full moon in the sky outside my window. How about yours?

After losing to Cam Newton, Les Miles went and attempted to transfer his spirit and will to the New Orleans Saints, but wound up granting their opponent with his blessings instead. How else do you explain Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees throwing the dreaded pick twelve to 265-pound David Bowens, not to mention, um, this:

If the Browns didn't just capture the Saints' 2009 mojo, blend it with Miles magic, and spice the thing with a pile of Madden Curse, I don't know how else you explain Browns punter Reggie Hodges Sunday strolling 68 yards down the middle of the field. You'd like to read some sort of illuminating detail assuring you that, yes, Hodges played wide receiver in college or something, but as far as I can tell he's been a full-time punter since high school.

Thanks for the encouraging words.. God was so good to us today!! Can I pray for anyone??less than a minute ago via Echofon

In times like these, Reggie, I'd say you could fire one up for all of us.