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Brad Childress Rips Brett Favre In Press Conference, Gets Ripped For Doing So

Vikings head coach Brad Childress spent the better part of the off-season begging Brett Favre to come play one more season for the Vikings. So much for that.

Following Minnesota's 28-24 loss to Green Bay on Sunday Night, Childress saw a bus heading in his direction during his post-game press conference and decided to throw Favre under it as it passed.

"It still goes back to taking care of the football. You can't throw it to them. They have to play within the confines of our can't give seven points going the other way, not in a game like this."

On whether or not Favre's two picks were forced:

"Yeah, the one to Bishop, I'd have to look at that cause I'd like to know where we're going with the football, cause I believe the play was designed to go to the other side and I think Percy's standing there in big air so not sure why we're looking at the left-hand side..."

Childress also called out the officials, saying it was the "worst game of officiating I've ever seen." That may come across the NFL's desk this week.

Afterward, Trent Dilfer spent a good half-hour on ESPN ripping Childress for ripping Favre. The gist of which involved daring Childress to bench Brett Favre and demanding the head coach to reap what he spent all off-season sowing. All of which had solid basis if not for the fact that Dilfer was appearing on ESPN.

For his part, Favre said he "can't disagree" with Childress about the comments, though he did seem a little surprised during his press conference.

Expect this to be all you hear about on sports radio Monday morning.