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Brett Favre Tells Brad Childress He Wants To Play Week 8

Vikings QB Brett Favre walked to the podium for his weekly press conference on Wednesday sporting a walking boot. He's considered questionable this week after re-injuring his ankle last week. From Favre's words it sounds like he'll play if it's at all feasible for him but the decision will be made with head coach Brad Childress and the Vikings doctors. He says he told Childress this week that he's entering the week under the mindset that he can play.

Here's a run down of what Favre had to say on Wednesday:

On the ankle injury: He says they'll continue to treat it but he's always been able to heal a little quicker than most people. "It's worth considering to play. I'll be honest with myself and Brad [Childress] when that time comes. I don't know if that's pre-game. Right before kickoff or if it's tomorrow."

On coming back from the injury: "I've done it in the past and I think I can do it again." He wasn't talking about this particular injury but continually said he wanted to play.

On playing with the injury: "Talking to [the doctor] two nights ago, he said, 'You know I'm not going to say that you can't play with this. I don't know of any in recent memory that have played with it. But given the fact that you've played with a lot of injuries I'm not going to say it can't be done.'"

On practice this week: "We'll see" if he can practice on Friday. He says it probably won't be a full practice either way.

On the consecutive games streak: "All I can say is wow. I kind of lost count a long time ago. I'm very proud of the streak." But says if he's going to play, he's going to play the whole game and give them a chance to win. He doesn't want to go out there for one play just to keep the consecutive games streak. "Whether it ends this week or at the end of the year, it ends. I'll always be proud of it."

On whether he regrets coming back: "No. Once I decided to come I knew that there were no guarantees."