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The Tim Tebow NFL Touchdown Tour Touches Down In London

Tim Tebow may not be trusted to throw the ball just yet, but the Broncos have taken a liking to using the old Tebow Smash from his days at Florida. And with the Broncos representing the NFL in London today, that means that Tebow's touchdowns are now a multi-continental tally.


Tebow punched in a one-yard run for the Broncos in the third quarter against the 49ers at Wembley Stadium, giving Denver a 7-3 lead. It's Tebow's only carry of the day, and his second touchdown this season from the adapted Wildcat offense Denver has grown fond of running near the goal line.


Tebow also became the only Heisman Trophy winner to score a touchdown in an NFL game in London, which is a) one of the most specific distinctions ever and b) almost completely worthless, even for bar trivia. It might work at some London pub someday, though. (Update: Troy Smith just scored for San Francisco, making Tebow just the first Heisman winner to score in an NFL game in London.)