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Patriots Vs. Dolphins: Randy Moss Drops Fake Spike Attempt


The Patriots are reaching deep into their bag of tricks against the Dolphins. In a game in which Miami might hold a decisive lead if it were not for two Rob Ninkovich interceptions to halt Dolphins drives, the Patriots have to capitalize with the opportunities they get in case Miami stops shooting themselves in the foot.

With less than a minute remaining in the first half inside Miami territory, the Patriots threw a screen to Wes Welker to advance to the 12 yard line. When it appeared as though Tom Brady would spike the ball with fewer than 20 seconds remaining, he made a signal to Randy Moss with his facemask. Brady then faked the spike, a la Dan Marino's famous ploy to beat the Jets in a 1994 game.

Unfortunately, Brady's fake didn't go quite as well as Marino's. While the fake caught Miami off-guard, the throw was slightly behind Moss, who couldn't haul the pass in for a touchdown.

For comparison's sake, here is video of Marino's fake spike: