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Randy Moss Trade Has Vikings Fans Dreaming Of Brett Favre Touchdown Passes

The Patriots have officially traded WR Randy Moss to the Vikings.

For many Vikings fans, this brings up a lot of good memories of Moss's incredible run in Minnesota.

Vikings fans at SB Nation's Daily Norseman are also dreaming about the future -- one that includes Vikings announcer Paul Allen saying something like this:

"Three seconds left, Favre in the shotgun.  Moss wide left, Harvin going in motion.  The Metrodome crowd is going nuts.  Cook snaps the ball.  Favre looks downfield and rolls right, pump fakes, LET'S IT GO...AND IT'S MOSS!!  MOSS!!  TOUCHDOWN RANDY MOSS WITH AN INCREDIBLE ONE HANDED GRAB OVER CHARLES WOODSON!!


Check out Daily Norseman to see how Vikings fans are reacting to the Randy Moss trade.