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Brett Favre Didn't Lobby For Randy Moss Trade

In 2007 it became known that the Raiders were willing to trade WR Randy Moss. The teams involved at the time included the Packers. As the story goes, Brett Favre was lobbying hard for the Packers to sign him.

Of course, they didn't and he was shipped off to New England.

The following year, Moss's contract was up and he hit the open market. Again, it was Favre pushing the Packers to sign him but Moss opted to stay in New England.

So now the Patriots have traded Moss to Favre's Vikings. What role did Favre play in the process? Via Peter King of

"None,'' Brad Childress said. "No, no, no. When we told him, pretty late in the process, that we were investigating doing this, he was surprised. He raised an eyebrow to me when I told him. How would he even have known Randy was there for the taking? I don't think anyone knew.''
Of course Favre probably doesn't mind that Moss is now on the team. He's expected to be another big target for Favre's deep ball.

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