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Halftime 'Outburst' May Have Contributed To Randy Moss Trade

Mike Reiss of adds some interesting context to the Patriots decision to trade WR Randy Moss to the Vikings on Wednesday.

Just last Monday in the Patriots dominating Monday Night Football victory, Moss, who did not catch a pass in the game, had what one player described to Reiss as an "outburst" with the Patriots quarterbacks coach.

The word is that Moss and quarterbacks coach Bill O'Brien had some sort of disagreement at halftime when the Patriots lead the Dolphins just 7-6.

Moss had no catches in the game and was targeted just once. After the game when asked about going catch-less, he said, "It's called a game-plan."

We won't know how much (if any) this incident played in a role to trade Moss but considering the various reports that Moss was becoming a "distraction" in New England, it seems to that it did affect the decision to trade him.