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NFL Picks Week 5: Atlanta Falcons Vs. Cleveland Browns

SB Nation bloggers Brian Galliford (Buffalo Rumblings), Jason Kirk (SB Nation Atlanta) and Dave Halprin (Blogging The Boys) have taken a look at the schedule and given us their NFL Week 5 picks.

Atlanta Falcons (3-1) vs. Cleveland Browns (1-3)

Line: Falcons are three point favorites.

The pick: Falcons

Brian Galliford: Atlanta is one of the NFL's most underrated teams, and Matt Ryan one of its most underrated quarterbacks.

Jason Kirk: The Falcons lead the league in picks, not that Jake Delhomme's known for throwing them or anything.

Dave Halprin: The Browns finally got their first win last week, but it's too much to ask for them to win a second in a row, Atlanta romps.