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Examining NFL Waiver Wire Rules, On Heels Of Randy Moss Being Released

Note: Arrowhead Pride has broken down the NFL Waiver Wire rules for everyone. 

Now that the Randy Moss has been released by the Vikings we're seeing lots of questions about the NFL waiver wire. Here are a few questions we're seeing pop up.

What happens now? Randy Moss now enters the waiver wire.

How is the waiver wire order determined? Before Sept. 28, the waiver wire goes in the order of the NFL's worst team to best team based on last year's records. After Sept. 28, the waiver wire changes each week based on the current worst and best record in the NFL.

What is the current waiver wire order? You can see that here but the Bills at 0-7 will get the first crack at him and, if he goes unclaimed, the Patriots would get the last shot at him.

What is his salary if he's claimed? His salary remains the same assuming someone claims him. That would be $6.4 million with nine game checks remaining.

What if he's not claimed? Then he becomes a restricted free agent and can sign anywhere. He would have to negotiate a new contract at that point as well and he would be paid by the Vikings the remainder of his salary.