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Kansas City Chiefs' Todd Haley Is Midseason NFL Coach Of The Year

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley took a squad that last year ranked 23rd in offense and 29th in defense and turned them into a team that now ranks 12th in offense and 8th in defense. The Chiefs had won just 10 games the last three years before jumping out to a 3-0 start in 2010. The Chiefs stand atop the AFC West at the halfway point with a 5-3 record. That's earned Todd Haley our midseason NFL coach of the year.

The turnaround job Haley has done is impressive. The defense was among the worst at stopping the run last year and now they're a top 10 unit. The defense hasn't changed much from last year which is a nod to the coaching staff's work.

Perhaps his best move of the year has been hiring Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel as coordinators prior to the season. The two of them, particularly Crennel, have brought a different aura around the Chiefs this year as their confidence level risen and, most importantly, their production increased.

Other candidates includes the Bucs' Raheem Morris, who has taken taken the Bucs from 3-13 in 2009 to 5-3 in 2010, and as it seems every year, Mike Tomlin (Steelers) and Bill Belichick (Patriots), are doing a great job with their teams.

Haley's done the most with the talent he was given. I think the Chiefs probably overachieved a little bit in the first half of the season so we'll see if they keep it up but Haley has done an excellent job in the Chiefs turnaround.